Monday, December 31, 2012

Practice makes...better?

So, my eri-shin came today, and I of course had to practice. It took me about half an hour to dress, but I really should have taken more time. The stiffer juban collar really helps, but I was too lazy to try and figure out the katan eri (eri sugata?) that I have...

I paid for it. My collars wouldn't stay tugged back. Le sigh. Laziness begets sloppiness, I suppose. I'm not sure I want to sew the easy collar on, so I might just measure to where the middle loop would be on my juban and sew a loop there for threading my koshihimo into. That'll teach it! Right? >_>

Also, I think I might use the blue as a haneri instead of as a kasane eri (meaning, take the blue layer and put it where the white layer is, so it's blue instead of white), because I'm not sure I like it as it is...that may just be because my collars kept creeping forward, so I'll hold off yet. I have some cute cotton prints that might serve better as haneri (easier to wash than the silk, yeah?), so...I dunno, yet.

Also, it was snowing. I wasn't too chilly until we'd been outside for a while, but the wind also wasn't blowing. If I were going somewhere for reals, I would wear at least a scarf...and some kind of western shoe until I got where I was going, 'cause it was so slushy on the walk that I didn't want to climb down off of the steps!

See? Snow! Sad thing about snow is that it blows out the exposure a little. Sorry for all the white!

The Boy was being silly and got me laughing. Hurr, I'm a doof. But at least I'm a happy doof! Here you can probably see what I mean about the blue layer. I'm not quite liking the way it's laying, but I do have quite a bit of wrinkling up there because my collars are creeping forward so much. We'll see how adding that loop helps. Also, I did my obijime just a little differently, and I think I like it better this way. Oh, and see that bag? I have zori that match, but they didn't make it into any of the pictures, heh.

And here, we have a goofy pose as I try to catch snowflakes off the porch. Boy said "BEHOLD! Grand Gesture!"

I'm also -much- happier with my musubi this time. I still need to make a DIY obidomekanagu to make sure my makura stays up where it's supposed to be (I promise it was up higher when I tied the knot, but this was the last picture we took, and it had crept down by then.). I'm much more pleased with the way the interior of the knot is laying this time, as compared with the last time.

Funny thing? Last time, I had help tying. This time, I did it 100% myself. I suppose watching videos on youtube and scouring the Immortal Geisha forums for pictures of other people Doin' It Right helped a lot, hehe.

Please forgive the messy craft area, but Boy got cold and we had to head inside. I'm can't expect me to be neat, too! ^_~

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