Saturday, December 22, 2012


So, my iromuji and one obi came in the mail a few days ago, but I'm still awaiting my juban and a few other accessories before I can actually wear it.

Happily, my yukata and hanhaba obi also came that day, so I took the time to try those on!

Important note here is that I have a massive chest (34G) and my fibro makes it so that I can't squish them down too much without horrific pain. So I'm still looking into different binding techniques so that I can avoid the dreaded Kimonoboob! 

Also, I wasn't sure at the time if I would need an obiita with yukata, but apparently I very much do. Please excuse the wrinkly obi, as I lacked the proper stiffening and probably should have padded my waist out more.

My musubi there is a little weird, yeah? I guess it's because I'm a fair deal larger than the normal Japanese woman, so I need a longer obi to work with for traditional knots. My bow would have been tiny, so I wrapped the obi one less time and kind of jury-rigged it. 

I'm pretty chuffed that I got my ohashori so level my first time, even if it was kind of poofing out right under the obi (more waist padding will take care of that?)

Also, I need to get my darling BFF a gift certificate for photography classes or something. Dear boy had to take almost 70 shots to get a tiny handful that I was even starting to be okay with (no small part due to the fact that I completely forwent makeup that day!). 

Question for any experiened kitsuke fans out there: are cotton yukata supposed to feel so stiff? I'm wondering if mine still has sizing on it or something that I should be washing out...on the other hand, I've read some discussion about the best starch to use on them, so...Thoughts on the matter?


  1. Cotton yukata are supposed to be that stiff :) It's the stiffness and crispiness that's desirable. It will wear off once you wash the yukata first, but then it will just feel "wrong" (at least for me). I'm thinking that I need to lightly starch all my older yukata, so I get that new and crisp feeling again.

    1. Lyuba-chan! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I nearly swooned when I saw one of my kitsuke idols commenting on my blog, tee hee!

      Yukata are suppose to be stiff. Got it! I think I may wash and re-starch mine, though, 'cause it feels more like sizing and less like starch, and I'm kind of leery about the chemicals (like formaldehyde) that are used to size cotton, anyway.

  2. Waaaaai! Christmas presents then. Congrats on your kimono haul!
    The yukata suits you and I think your musubi is okay. I think the hanhaba will be versatile for many other kimono ;).